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DataCube is your complete website development & design service offering interactive programming and high-end graphic design solutions for the internet & print media. We provide our clients with strategy, design, and implementation services for their web, multimedia and IT initiatives.

At DataCube, our goal is to provide you with a website that meets your needs as efficiently as possible. To that end, we've developed a step-by-step website design process to ensure all your needs are met.

Initial Consultation
During your initial consultation, we will meet with you to discuss your company's website needs and to determine what features will best suit your new website.

Things to consider prior to the initial consultation:

  • Purpose of Website
  • Target Audience
  • Website Content
    • What text to include and who will write the text if not already available
    • Photographs and other images
    • Logo and corporate colors
    • How often text will need to be updated
  • Budget
  • Hosting and other issues
    • Who will host your site?
    • Do you already have a domain name or do you need one?
  • E-commerce issues
    • How will you accept orders?
    • Do you need shopping cart software?
    • Search Engine issues
      • What key words would people enter into a search engine to look for your site?
      • Do you want to pay to be included in prime search engines and directories, such as Yahoo?

    Once the initial consultation is completed, it's time to begin writing and gathering your content and other materials needed for the website.

    Design Review
    Upon completion of the signed contract and deposit, Infad will develop 2 sample pages for your approval. These sample pages will show the proposed design for the site's front or opening page and the design for all sub-pages within the site. Once the site's design is approved, site building begins.

    Site Building
    Throughout the site building process, the test site will be available for you to review on a password protected server. Regular milestones will be set to ensure progress is moving along smoothly. During the site building process, we'll also add the metatags necessary to make your site visible to search engines.

    Site Completion
    Once you've approved the final site, Infad does a final site check to ensure all links work and all graphics are available and then uploads the completed site to the server. We can also deliver the site to you for you to upload, if necessary.

    Announcing the Site
    After site completion,
    DataCube will register your site with the appropriate search engines. Yahoo now accepts only paid submissions. If you wish to register your site with Yahoo, DataCube will help facilitate that process.

    Website Maintenance and Updating

    DataCube can update your site for you or turn the site over to you for internal updating. You can sign a maintenance agreement with us or just give us a call on an as-needed basis.

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