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We are always looking to buy quality domains, whether it is one domain name or an entire portfolio.

In general we are interested in COM/NET/ORG.  We will also consider premium domains from other extensions (Stocks.info / Nebraska.us or similar quality).

Budget range is from $XX to $XX,XXX depending on domain quality.

All offers please include asking prices and if the price is negotiable. 

1.) LL.com / LL.net/ LL.org - Any letters.

2.) LLL.com - Any letter pattern.

3.) LLL.net / LLL.org - Any letter pattern.

4.) LLLL.com - All Quality LLLL.com

     - Quad Premiums
     - CVCV & VCVC
     - Easily Pronounceable (Please don't send us QZWY.com as Pronounceable)
     - Unique Patters (AABB.com / ABBA.com / ABBB.com / ABBB.com etc)
     - Dictionary Words
     - Triple Premiums with U/W
     - Acronym Friendly (UK/US/CA/NY/TV etc.)

5.) CCC.com - Any number/letter pattern

6.) Dictionary Words (must be relevant, not looking for odd tenses)

7.) LLLL.net -

     - CVCV or VCVC
     - Dictionary Words
     - Easily Pronouceable

8.) Geo Domains (State/City/Country etc.)

9.) Extremely Brandable Names (.com only)

10.) Category Killers (Product or Service related)

11.) Generic TwoWord.com

12.) eKeyword and iKeyword (ex. eQuotes.com)

13.) NNN.com / NNN.net / NNN.org / NNNN.com

14.) Premium Hyphenated Two-Word.com (Product or Service related)

We are also buying other high quality domains not listed above, such as traffic or revenue generating domains.

We will not buy the following types of domains

- Trademark Domains
- Typo Domains
- Adult Domains
- Obscure extensions

If you feel like you have domains that fit the criteria listed please feel free to Contact Us.

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